Learn Chinese the most efficient way

Learn in context

Move beyond flashcard drills. Master words in context with complete sentences.

Character origins

Etymologies of the 1000 most frequent characters. Learn the logic behind how characters are formed.

Handwriting practice

Solidify your memory by learning to write characters by hand.

Large dataset

Dong Chinese chooses from millions of sentences and finds the ones that match your level the best.

Comprehensible media

Dong Chinese picks out videos and songs that you can understand based on your level.


Fully fledged dictionary with definitions, stroke order, example sentences, and frequency data.


Great app for learning Chinese! I especially like the writing function which gives the correct stroke order and provides historical context behind why each character looks the way it is. As a visual learner this makes it much easier to remember how a character looks compared to just reading. The app also has a progress function which really motivates me to progress a little every day.

- Jack Wang

I've tried a lot of Chinese learning apps, and this is by far and away the best! It properly explains the etymology, the context learning is superb, the amount of repetition is great, the charts are great.

- Campbell Reid

The best tool for learning chinese that I have come across. Made my way from a complete beginner to getting my way around on my own in China in 6 months.

- Tobias Skjelvik

More Chinese learners should know about this app as its the best I have seen or used. It is so convenient as here you can practice both reading and writing Mandarin Chinese, as well as the app having lots of media to also train your listening. The dictionary is also of high quality. I would highly recommend this app to any Mandarin Chinese learner!

- Scott Wheale